The history of wandalkombat.

Wandal Kombat is a 12 minute skateboarding video that was created in the suburb of Wandal, Rockhampton in 1995-1997 by teenagers Troy Sanders, Damien Harms, Adrian AGRO Grangier, Shane Anderson, Stevo Sanders and Clayton Biggs (self named the Wandal Warriors). The film had a mixture of very raw street skating and a number of home made obstacles. The reason the movie was given this name was 1. "Wandal" being where they lived and 2. "Kombat" from the unforgettable video game Mortal Kombat played constantly by the Wandal Warriors. Since the late 1990's many of the Wandal Warriors have since disbanded and moved on to bigger and better things. But after Troy had moved to Brisbane for a few years he had accidentally come across an old box of video tapes whilst visiting his dad back in Rocky. He noticed a tape which had "Uncut" written on it in thick black nikko and being unsure of what it meant he then played it. As it turned out it was over 5 hours of  Wandal Warrior footage that never made it to Wandal Kombat. Knowing that the world needed to experience this footage he had an idea of creating a new movie in dvd form using all of the uncut footage plus all of the old pictures he had in an album and he decided to call it Wandal Kombat Special Edition. After doing the first section of WKSE he had realised that this film was going to take some time to do. And now after 9 months of editing and fine tuning it is finished, 90 minutes of never before seen footage with a photo gallery and the original and newly titled Wandal Kombat1 included. The next step is to now release the dvd to the world and the Wandal Warriors so he has organised with a fellow Wandal Warrior to have a premier night in their home town of Rockhampton on December 23rd 2006. Needless to say it will be a kick ass night!!. Hi Sarah :).